The Focus Essentials

Frequently Asked Questions

We want churches to have confidence in the foundation in which they have laid. A scalable ministry can only be made possible when designed on top of a solid foundation and framework. Our goal is to help you organize and structure your church for maximum impact.

We are not here to discard what your church has in place, but we want to assist you and your team in defining and development. A strong and healthy church will create momentum for strategic growth generating empowered leaders and an place for others to experience Jesus.  

The focusEssentials will launch online sessions with a specific component for your entire team to participate in. You will have an opportunity to have discussions, complete individual and team assignments, and received personalized feedback from our coaches.

This program is designed for you to have the full and proven onsite experience at a reasonable cost and with the flexibility to engage without the added inconvenience or expense of traveling.  

It honestly may depend on you and your team’s timeframe. We want this to be a flexible process, but we also want to encourage you to stay on track with the focusEssentials as new sessions are launched.

We will give you the resources and set expectations for you and your team. Completion of each phase in a timely manner will be crucial for the best feedback and expedited growth.

We hope that you will take advantage of all that focus412 offers by fully engaging in the process. We cannot ensure change or growth, if you do not thoroughly participate. However, after 30 days if you are not completely satisfied with the direction that your team is going or the level of coaching, we will reimburse your full payment.

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