The Focus Partnership

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team walks with you and your team through implementing necessary principles of a healthy organization that fits your needs and culture. With onsite engagements and remote coaching calls throughout the year, our coaches will work with you to gain renewed focus, alignment, and momentum within your church.

With a designated strategic coach, we’ll help your team refine your mission, values and culture. Our goal is to build confidence in leading and developing your team and create comprehensive understanding of how to strategize for impact and growth.

We require every partner to go through the focus412 “Essentials.”  These Essentials are centered around three components –  “The Foundation”, “The Framework”, and “The Focus”. This is for your benefit. This process allows for several important components for future development.

  • An objective and knowledgeable assessment of your current health.
  • Peace of mind in what you have in place.
  • Opportunity to refine your systems and strategies, with the guide of an Coach.
  • Strategic plan for developing staff and volunteers.
  • An in depth understanding of your culture to help best facilitate future modules.

Once the assignments are completed (approximately 12 months) area specific modules can be implemented and have proven to be more effective due to the energy and effort invested in ensuring that the organization was healthy and unified to handle new areas of development.

The focusPartnership is an onsite program with an audit weekend where we gather insight regarding your Sunday experience and give feedback. Throughout the following 10-12 months we conduct 2 day trainings once a every 3-4 months walking you and your team through The Essentials material (Foundation, Framework, & Focus). In addition to the onsite training, the Lead Pastor receives one hour coaching every other week. This program is designed for single or multi-site churches with more than 1,000 in attendance any given Sunday.

The focusEssentials is six-month online program. Our team conducts monthly sessions walking you and your team through The Essentials material (Foundation, Framework, & Focus). The Lead Pastor will receive one hour coaching every month. This program is designed for single site churches with less than 1,500 in attendance any given Sunday.

We know many churches do not have the budget for the onsite experience, however the focusEssentials are a perfect alternative. We want your team to have access to the fundamental elements in order to for your church to start refining your processes and realizing growth.  This is an affordable way for you and your team to gain insight and information as well as online coaching. Click here to learn more about The focusEssentials.

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