Is there more for your church than you are currently experiencing?

  •  Do you feel alignment in the culture you want and what you see?
  •  Has your growth hit a plateau?
  •  Are constantly focused on the urgent over important needs?
  •  Have your set goals not been realized this year?
  •  Has your structure failed to scale as you have grown?
  •  Do you lack a “bench” of great leaders to seize future growth opportunities?
  •  Is your team regularly meeting or even exceeding your expectations?
  •  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to grow?

We engage in Online & Onsite Partnerships to help you grow your church.


Our Partnership Solutions follow the same three phases

Magnifying Glass

Phase ONE

DISCOVER who you are

Vision • Mission • Values • Beliefs • Governance • Systems • Strategy


Phase TWO

DESIGN your structure

Organizational Structure • Leadership Pipeline • Leadership Development • Central & Campus Systems



DEPLOY with focus

Metric Analysis • Health Standards • Goal Setting • Team Dynamics

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Layne Testimonial Pic - f412
Layne Shranz
Church of the Highlands
Lead Team Pastor

“As Church of the Highlands focuses on training churches through our GROW network and raising up leaders through Highlands College, we welcomed a set of fresh eyes and perspective. Phil’s business acumen combined with his ministry experience proved to be a great combination to help us walk through some scalability solutions and leadership pipeline challenges. Phil is an amazing listener and thinker. He was able to offer tremendous insight to help us get better.”

Justin Jenkins
Velocity Church, Lawrence, KS
Lead Pastor

Working with focus412 has not only grown my leadership, but it has helped me understand how to build leaders who can develop other leaders. In working with their team, you’ll learn how to create a scalable organization while they guide you in the process. The entire focus412 team ensures that the vision in your heart has a “foundation, framework, and focus” to be fulfilled.

Mark Johnston Testimonial - f412
Mark Johnston
The Journey Church, Newark, DE
Lead Pastor

“Focus412 extensive experience in both corporate and church environments coupled with their behind-the-scenes exposure to one of the fastest growing churches in America create a potent combination. One of their greatest gifts is creating immediate comfort and openness with leaders and teams so strategies can be created, tweaked, or overhauled for maximum effectiveness. With them on your side, you and your team will change the game for the better and unleash sustainable growth in your organization.”

Lysa TerKeurst Testimonial - f412
Lysa TerKeurst
Proverbs 31 Ministries

“Phil Klein has a brilliant vision and heart for the church. I’ve personally watched his initiatives accelerate growth and increase the impact of the local church. I couldn’t be more excited about his work!”

Rodney Gage Testimonial - f412
Rodney Gage
ReThinkLife Church, Orlando, FL
Lead Pastor

“Phil Klein’s ability to cut to the core issues facing your church forces you and your team to completely shift your focus from problems to solutions. Phil’s gentle yet direct approach to help your team move in the direction it needs to go comes from his years of experience from being in both corporate and local church environments. Phil has been a God-send to our team, and I highly recommend his expertise to help you develop an action plan that will move the needle in your church.”

Our Solutions

We recognize that every church and leader is different. Therefore, we have created multiple solutions to help grow your organization. Explore the best option for you below.

A powerful online experience will take you through a three phase process that will help you organize and structure your church for maximum impact. Developed for efficiency and effectiveness with you in mind.

A personalized onsite experience where we engage to develop lead pastors and executive teams by training, coaching, advising and encouraging. An intentional investment to build the foundation of your church.


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